Case Studies

1. Related to law firm

Investigations – We were tasked by a client to conduct an investigation of allegations made against their client by a governmental entity.  As a result of our investigation, it was determined that the allegations were unfounded and the case was dismissed by the government.

Witness Identification - We were tasked by a client to identify, locate and interview potential witnesses to a matter which occurred decades ago involving claims made against a Fortune 100 company.  We successfully employed creative investigative techniques to satisfy this client’s extraordinary requirements.

Witness Interviews: We were tasked by a client to conduct numerous interviews of potential witnesses in a lawsuit involving a contract dispute.  As a result of our expert interview skills, we were able to provide our client with strategic information resulting in a successful resolution of the case.

2. Related to corporate

Financial Institution - We have served as the Go-To firm for the Chief Litigator of a financial institution which conducts business throughout the United States. We have successfully conducted numerous civil investigations for this client relating to fraud involving borrowers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, appraisers and title companies. These investigations have involved the extensive review of documents and witness interviews.  During many of these investigations, we have conducted liaison with the appropriate regulatory or law enforcement agency.

Global Pharmaceutical Company – Counterfeiting of prescription drugs is a major challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry.  We have provided services to a global pharmaceutical company relating to counterfeit prescription drugs.  Many of these investigations have involved overseas subjects.  Our investigations have led to the successful prosecution of counterfeiters in the United States and overseas, as well as the recovery of large quantities of counterfeit prescription drugs.

Fortune 500 Company - We routinely conduct reputational due diligence investigations for a Fortune 500 client that purchases technology and technology-related companies located throughout the United States as well as overseas.  During these investigations, we regularly identify potential “red flags” which have resulted in the re-structuring or cancellation of these deals.